Ascrea (Rieti), festival of fettuccine with mushroom

Ascrea, sagra delle fettuccine coi funghi porcini

Ascrea, festival of  fettuccine with  mushroom

The festival is 30 years old, but does not look it. Indeed, such an occurrence is an event for tourism! And so it is worth planning a trip to the Festival of fettuccine with mushroom Ascrea, that every summer musters lovers of traditional flavors in the village in the province of Rieti, is announced this year even more unmissable than usual. The event is scheduled for Sunday, August 7 in the town located more than 700 meters high on the south-eastern side of Lake Turano, offering a stunning view of the valley and the basin below.

In the woods surrounding Ascrea mushrooms – an unmistakable flavor and white flesh that does not change color or air or touch – they are plentiful since the dawn of time: already appreciated by the ancient Romans, who called them “suillus” for them massive appearance, will be the ideal condiment of homemade fettuccine, a specialty that has brought fame to the town throughout the Lazio region and that evokes the culinary tradition of this pristine place; bruschetta with mushrooms, sausage, beans and wine village will complete the gastronomic offer from 12.30 until midnight at the beautiful Mareri Square, where there will be the live music shows and stands with typical products and local crafts . Also in this edition, available to visitors there will be a convenient shuttle bus to reach the village after parking along the road.

And to think it all started as a joke, in the mid 80 ‘, as a kind of spaghetti among the inhabitants of Ascrea to the large supply of wild mushrooms in the area. Today the Festival of fettuccine with  mushrooms is not only the party par excellence of the country, but it has become one of the most important events of the whole is worth planning a trip for the quality of the recipes and the typical cheerful and carefree atmosphere the traditional festivals that 30 years since you can breathe in a village with magical charm. cool in summer and warm winter, Ascrea has the look of a crib nestled halfway up and still preserves inside traces of the castle and the walls of the church attached to the door of which figure the arms of Mareri, the accounts to which it was sold in the early ‘400; definitely worth visiting the Church of St. Nicholas of Bari, built in 1252, which houses paintings dedicated to the saint and Our Lady of the Rosary. Those wishing to spend a few more hours here can go to the discovery of the villages surrounding the lakes of Salto and Turano, or take beautiful routes from which you can enjoy beautiful views of the Terminillo, Monte Velino and the mountains sloping down Rome.

Info: Date – August 7; Location: Ascrea (Rieti);; tel.3408505381;