Slovenia, the medieval castle at Lake Bled


When it is frozen, the landscape takes on fairytale tones; at the approach of spring it becomes a delightful place for walks. A weekend at Lake Bled in Slovenia is therefore always a good idea. The tourist attraction with an undeniable charm is the picturesque architecture of the castle that dates back to the year one thousand. The typography of the manor, the cellar and the herb gallery are a good reason for climbing the fortress stairs. The castle, overlooking the cliff, offers beautiful views of the lake, the island and the surrounding mountain peaks. Because of its beauty it is considered one of the most beautiful wedding locations in Europe and over the years it has also been the site of important diplomatic meetings and protocols. In this castle, in addition to the picturesque architecture, you can visit the museum’s collection, the print shop, where you can discover the secrets of manual printing, the winery, where the tourist can fill a bottle of wine and seal it with wax, the shop of the blacksmith and the restaurant, where gourmet dishes are served. In the summer months there are performances in costume and archery competitions. The castle is now used as an exhibition space. In the rooms next to the chapel are exposed the collections testify to the oldest history of Bled, from the oldest archaeological finds on, following the individual stages of historical development and representing them with the furniture of the time. The furnishings are not original, but they are significant to illustrate the style of the individual historical periods, in which the castle of Bled was inhabited.
Lago Bled1jpgThe lake that can be admired from the castle has an alpine nature, located at the foot of the Julian Alps. and has in the center the only Slovenian island: the Bled Lake, for centuries a worldly resort, enchants with the beauty of nature and the legends of the past. You can admire it by taking a ride on the carriages of the fijakerji, the typical Bled coachmen. The islet, however, is reached with the traditional boat, the “pletna” that the boatmen push to rowing while standing. After mooring, tourists can climb the 99 stone steps leading to the Church of the Assumption of Mary and listen to the story of the bell that, according to legend, makes the wishes of those who play it come true. Who wants can try it. It is assumed that the church bell, fused in the sixteenth century, comes directly from the Pope, who would give it to the church after the bell, melted by an inconsolable widow in memory of her husband, had ended up at the bottom of the lake due to a storm. Therefore, Bled has in fact more legendary bells: the one in the church and the one on the bottom of the lake. The legend of the submerged bell is re-evoked every year during a special Christmas event. It is said that the sunken bell, from time to time, can still be heard resounding from the bottom of the lake! What is still in these waters is shown by divers who every year, during a particular event, bring it to the surface. The event, which recalls the legend of the submerged bell, is held on Christmas Day, December 25th. Info: