California, the centenary of the death of Jack London


California, the Jack London Parck

California, the Jack London Parck

One hundred years ago, November 22, 1916, Jack London, American writer of world fame, died in his beloved “Beauty Ranch” of Glen Ellen in Sonoma Valley in just over an hour from San Francisco. At just 40 years Jack London had already written 50 books and hundreds of essays, translated all over the world. It was one of the few writers of the time to learn about life in fame and money, as well as the first American writer to earn a million dollars.

Born in San Francisco January 12, 1876, he had a childhood tormented and was soon abandoned by his parents. He made every kind of craft: the newsboy, the clandestine oyster fisherman, the washerman, the insurance agent, the farmer, the prospector in the Klondike, the correspondent in the Russo-Japanese War and finally the writer and the photographer. London was undoubtedly an adventurer, a traveler, an innovator, an activist, an artist and is famous for being a pioneer in the field of agriculture. His Glen Ellen ranch, now Jack London State Historic Park has become over time the dream of a model farm where the technical writer experimenting innovative and environmentally sustainable farming.

The Jack London Historic Park was named historic building in 1963. Inside you can feel the same atmosphere that led to his time the eclectic writer and his second wife to establish in this place their home. Inside the park a 19th century wine cellar, a giant sequoia 2,000 years and the cottage where the writer used to devote himself to his narratives, and where he died a hundred years ago.

California, the ranch of Jack London

California, the ranch of Jack London

Jack London liked to call his estate “the beauty ranch” and it’s not hard to see why. A lake, a beautiful conservatory, 32 hectares of unspoiled nature, magnificent views of the Sonoma Mountain.

To celebrate the centenary of the death of the writer, throughout 2016 the Jack London State Park has organized a series of events dedicated to his memory. The event called “Discover Your Call of the Wild Jack London’s Centennial Celebration of Life” is a real invitation to deepen the legacy left by the author, and to find out how is still present to this day.

Concerts, reading of excerpts from the author’s books, conferences, but also walks looking for wildflowers along the places that inspired the author, painting classes and competitions for aspiring writers ..

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